Mission : To Kitesurf the coast of South Africa - 3000 km

Stage 3 : Rounding Cape Point

Yeeaaah!! I have just inadvertently ramped my board over the crest of a three-meter wind driven swell. What a rush! My heart is racing as the adrenalin flows freely. I am whipping along with such speed that my board becomes airborne despite me cresting the waves in a following sea. Again.. the board is lifted and falls silent as it loses contact with the water. Touch down.. and my GPS hits 25 knots.


This may not sound fast compared to the Luderitz boys but in the open sea with a 3m wind swell and a 30 knots South Easter it is demanding all my concentration. My eyes remain totally focussed on the sea just two to three board lengths ahead anticipating every movement of the water as it requires split second decision to adjust for the wave angles. One false move and the sea will get


the better of me. I don't want to come off and lose my board in this situation as I am kiting in one of the most treacherous waters of the South Africa rounding Cape Point - Douglas van der Merwe.